Online Black Friday Shopping – The Advantages of Staying Home on Black Friday

Thanksgiving is a day when families come together and celebrate all that they are thankful for. It is, in most cases, a peaceful day. However, Thanksgiving is a reminder that Christmas is fast approaching and that it is time to buy Christmas presents for everyone on your list. Because of that, Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, has become the biggest shopping day of the year. Businesses open early, offer discounts that could never be seen any other day, and bring out huge crowds.

If you have ever shopped on Black Friday, you know that stores open early, as early as 5 am. You also know that you will get discounts that are not offered any other time of the year, as much as 50% off on the latest products. You also probably know about the headache that comes from the huge crowds, traffic, and all the other problems that come with Black Friday.

However, there is a way that you can enjoy all the benefits of the day, without all the problems. The solution is online Black Friday shopping. In most cases, you are able to get the same discounts that you can get in the stores. You are also able to wake up whenever you like, can avoid all the big crowds, and can guarantee you will be able to get the products you like.

Most major retailers, like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, etc., offer all of their Black Friday deals on their websites. You will typically be able to go on at anytime during the day, and receive the exact same deal you would get in their store. If you were to go to the store, most deals are early bird deals, and end by 10 am. However, online, the deal will last all day.

One of the biggest advantages to staying home and shopping online on Black Friday is you avoid the crowds. Most of the stores have people line up the night before so they are the first people to be able to get into the store and get the items they want. If you do not want to camp out the night before, you are going to have to wait for a long time before you can enter the store.

The final advantage is you can guarantee that you will be able to get the product that you want. While stores try to stock up on their products, there is no guarantee that they will have the one you want when you get there. This is never a problem when you shop online though. If the product is new, the website will have it available to purchase.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Stores open early, offer huge discounts, and bring in large crowds. With online Black Friday shopping, you can shop at anytime throughout the day, receive the same discounts, avoid the crowds, and guarantee that you will get the product you want. Stay at home, shop online, and make your Black Friday experience a joyous one.

Black Friday Tips, Tricks and Trends

Black Friday 2010 is almost upon us – one of the biggest shopping occasions of the year and the unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season, it falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and this year it’s on November 26. While it’s not uncommon to see throngs of shoppers lining up outside popular stores on Black Friday for a chance to score sweet deals on big-ticket items such as the newest electronics and appliances, for many people nowadays it makes much more sense to look for Black Friday online deals and shop from the comfort of home. If you’re wondering where and what the hottest Thanksgiving specials are on the Internet, check out some of these shopping tips and ideas.

If you’re a newbie to Black Friday shopping, it can be a little overwhelming figuring out where to start looking for deals and discounts. If you’re not up for the early-morning lines and stampede at a brick-and-mortar store, and are looking instead for the best Cyber Monday discounts on the Internet, one of the best ways is to decide your must-haves list and search from there.

But if you’re just a gadget addict looking out for top deals, here are a few ideas on what to look out for this Thanksgiving 2010.

Touch-screen phones & smartphones: The Apple iPhone 4 is likely to be one of the most sought-after items this Christmas season, but if you’re not tied to a brand, Black Friday might be a good time to look for an alternative touch-screen phone brand as many of them are packed with features and also more likely to be discounted. Look for brands like HTC, Samsung and Nokia.
Flat screen TVs: Whether you’re looking for a plasma, LCD or even a projection TV, each season there are bigger and better discounts as new models come out, so make a beeline for this popular item this Thanksgiving! Scope out retailers such as and look out for deals on quality brands like the Panasonic Viera.
Tablet PCs & netbooks: Portable, slim and light computers are in high demand, so there ought to be great Black Friday sales out there on items like the Partner Tech EM-200 Tablet PC.
Even with all the deals available out there, it’s totally possible to overspend during the Black Friday sales, especially if you find it difficult to resist shiny new things and big bold “SALE!” signs. So how do you keep a tight rein on your expenses?

Shop online: Since you’ll be able to compare prices easily and will be able to evaluate your purchase before checking out, shopping online is a terrific way to make sure you stay on budget and save money.
Coupons: Even if products are already heavily discounted for Black Friday, there’s a good chance that you’ll still be able to use some online coupon codes to save more on your purchase. There’s no harm trying them at the checkout!
Best price guarantees: Pay special attention to retailers and online payment services that offer low price guarantees and take advantage of the offer. This way if the price drops, you’ll be covered and get money back for the difference. Read the small print, so you know the policy.
Gift cards: When all else fails and you didn’t manage to nab that amazing Black Friday deal for your loved one’s Christmas gift, try giving them a rain check in the form of a gift card and they can always check back later for a good price on that hot item they wanted. It’s also a good way to ensure you don’t spend more than planned on an item since you will be predetermining the value of the gift card.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals, Tips and the Story Behind It All

Savvy shoppers will know that Black Friday 2010 is coming up on November 26 and that it’s the best time to score fantastic deals on the hottest items such as electronics and toys. Whether it’s to get a bit of a head start on Christmas shopping, or just because it’s fun to take advantage of the terrific sales, it’s now a common sight to see shoppers lining up extra early outside their favorite stores on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. What’s more, the phenomenon has now spread to the Internet, with some of the best specials now offered online, along with the added attraction of avoiding the hectic crowds while saving big from the comfort of your own home. But what’s the deal with Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Here are some fun facts, as well as tips on how to get in on the top Thanksgiving 2010 deals!

Black Friday is known as the unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, many retailers began making a big advertising push for their Christmas sales shortly after Thanksgiving to maximize the shopping season. As many workers are given the day off on the day after Thanksgiving Thursday to lead into the weekend, the Friday after Thanksgiving soon became one of the biggest shopping occasions.

The term “Black Friday” has many suggested origins, with one of the earliest references to the phrase appearing in 1966 in a Philadelphia publication, where it was said that the Philadelphia Police Department used the term in a negative way to refer to the massive traffic jams and mobs of shoppers plaguing the city on that day.

Another popular theory is it refers to the fact that retailers would soon be “in the black” or profitable – as opposed to being “in the red” or incurring losses – due to the onset of the Christmas shopping season, according to accounting terms.

Then, as online shopping became more popular, Cyber Monday came about as the day when online retailers would offer lots more discounts and deals, as an alternative to the crowds at the brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday.

It’s clear shoppers are looking for options to avoid the manic rush and crazy lines outside the stores on Black Friday, so what are some ways to save from the comfort of your own home?


Make a list, check it twice: Whether you’re shopping for someone’s Christmas gift or giving a loved one a helping hand with ideas for your own Christmas present, it’s always a great idea to make a shopping list! This will help you save time and money and help you not to purchase dud gifts that will simply be returned.
Do some research: How will you know it’s an actual deal unless you scout it out beforehand? Make sure you do a bit of shopping around online to see how much your desired item normally costs, and then decide whether it’s worth getting up early to take advantage of them.
Always pay the lowest price: Even if you’ve checked out prices at your favorite retailer, sometimes an advertised deal is not the lowest price around, so make sure you compare at different stores! Look out especially for retailers or payment options which offer a best price guarantee or price protection.
Look out for cash back and reward programs: Big-ticket items such as big-screen TVs and other electronics are usually the top purchases during the Black Friday sales, so why not get rewarded for spending a ton?